The Return of StanGraphs

The Return of StanGraphs

The warm spring winds are blowing in full force, and with them came baseball. For the first time since 2012, StanGraphs did not celebrate, as it did not exist. This was a complete accident, and we’d like to take a moment to explain ourselves. In the years since 2012, StanGraphs has been hit with a plague of inconsistent updates, life’s unavoidable interruptions, a lack of home runs, and an actual plague that made its way through only the StanGraphs staff members, disabling us all one by one until we had no one to call up from the blogging minor leagues to fill in.

What we’re trying to say here is that when we started the blog, we meant well, and 2012 was something of an epic blogging year for us, but our updates become fairly occasional thereafter. Because our love for baseball never wavered, we never intended to let StanGraphs actually die, for archival purposes if nothing else, but when it came time to renew the subscription this year we concluded it just wasn’t worth an actual monetary investment.

We neglected to remember that we had migrated the blog off of the commercial to the more pliable in a failed attempt to build a more customized site, so by not renewing the subscription, we didn’t get to keep our content and go back to simply being — instead, we lost the entire blog and all the work we’d put into it over the years. Despite our sadness over the discovery, the staff convened, and in a heated meeting where more than a few unseemly insults and hateful wishes of additional plagues were tossed about like Matt Holliday tosses Kolten Wong when the two engage in a playful wrestling match, we concluded that it was best to let the dead remain buried.

This all happened very recently, you see, and for several weeks we reminisced about StanGraphs when it came up but ultimately believed it was merely a part of history, a part of history that could never be confirmed apart from the memories. Spring is the time of rebirth, though, and much like the son of man, we were destined to rise from death. It’s especially fitting that we couldn’t quite be bothered to do it on Easter; we needed another week to summon up the energy to get around to the whole resurrection thing. What matters is that StanGraphs is back, even if we aren’t going to pretend to blog on any regular schedule this time around (hence the name: StanGraphs Lite), and that meets enough of the requirements for us to claim, as a blog, to have ascended to heaven, where we will now occasionally oversee all of mankind — and Adam Wainwright.

Please feel free to stop in often, way more often than we actually provide you with new content, and don’t worry so much about that troubling business with the plague. The only thing we intend to infect you with is an unstoppable love of baseball, and the only prescription for that illness is to immerse yourself in it completely, to bask in the warmth of a summer evening where the only place your mind should be is between two white lines, to gasp at a Carlos Martinez slider, and to nod approvingly every time you see Pete Kozma in his rightful place on the bench. We can’t promise consistency, but we can promise passion. We’re not asking you to commit to us, because we’re far too mysterious and transient for that sort of thing, and you just wouldn’t understand, but whenever the ordinary becomes unwelcome, look us up. Short of a more serious plague, we won’t be going anywhere. Probably.


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